Detailed PersonalLoans Review

With an uptick in finding quality personal loans, it’s become important to understand who is on your side and who isn’t.

Many lenders are dishonest and might not provide value. is a lender that has an established track record and is going to be the focus of this review. Here is a look at the key features, pros, and cons of and whether or not it justifies spending time on as a loanee.

Features and Details

1) Provides Loans Between $1,000-$35,000
2) 3-Step Application Process
3) Quick Approvals
4) Peer-to-Peer Loans
5) Bank Loans
6) Personal Installment Loans


1) Hassle-Free Assistance

Beginning with the positives, this website can provide hassle-free assistance, and that is pertinent for most individuals. You don’t want to Personalloansdrag through an elongated process as its unnecessary and not worth one’s time. Go with a hassle-free solution and know it will take care of your requirements.

With a unique 3-step process, the application takes minutes to file and won’t get in the way of your day. This is important for those in a rush.

2) Approval in Minutes

The approval time is exceptional with this site, and that’s key as you look to find a good loan. You want to speed things along whether it’s an emergency or an important purchase. If that’s the case, is a good fit as it provides approval in minutes.

They won’t make you wait, and as long as the credit score checks out, you’ll have the funds ready to go as soon as possible.

3) Safe

Loans are serious business, and this means it can lead to negative consequences for those who are unprepared. does an exceptional job of providing a safe path for loanees to pursue. The application process is secure meaning all of your sensitive information remains confidential.

This is pertinent for those who are particular about their application.

The safety of this site makes it an attractive option for those in the market for a new loan.

4) Unique Interface

Let’s move onto the site itself. It is striking and well-laid out for those who have never been through this process before. The average person will not have applied for a personal loan, and that can be distressing. does an excellent job of providing an interface that is easy to the eyes and works well with the needs you have.

If the interface were to be graded, it would pass with flying colors.

It is an ideal fit for the lender and works well as desired.

5) Excellent Customer Support

The final positive would be their customer support as they’re ready to assist at a moment’s notice. Call in or contact them online knowing they will speak with you. A qualified service representative will get back to you in seconds and make sure you’re comfortable with what is going on.

This is important for those who require assistance or have lingering questions about the process.


1) High-Interest Rates

The interest rates are a particular concern with PersonalLoans reviews and are a major subject that pops up when this site is mentioned. The high-interest rates can be tough for most to stomach when looking for loans. The reason for these rates being high as to do with security and making sure you’re provided with a plethora of reasonable options.

These rates are compensated for with the benefits listed above.

While some might find these interest rates to be far too high, others won’t mind, and they are the target market. The rest will have to look elsewhere.

2) No Direct Loans

Another con with would be their inability to provide direct loans. In essence, they’re running an operation where things are re-directed towards proper lenders. They will process the application and push you towards a real lender that will provide funds.

It helps the lender screen clients and ensures you’re able to get the funds immediately.

However, you won’t be dealing with them directly, and that can be a cause for concern if things get scrambled along the way as they often can.

3) Not Regulated By US Government

You will also be looking at a solution that isn’t regulated by the US government. This is another concern that is mentioned in PersonalLoans reviews. The site is monitored by the Ute Indian Tribe and is not subject to the same scrutiny as the average business.

This could lead to significant concerns down the road if things were to go pear-shaped.



After pushing through all of the PersonalLoans reviews, it is evident to suggest this is an attractive option for loanees to consider. is one of those solutions that fits most and will do an ideal job as long as you’re vigilant. They have a good set-up that’s easy to use and will provide a set of options for your needs. Go through them and decide if it’s worth your time.